A Bit About

72854_10151322053023204_1623313781_nOf course, I am my mother’s child as well. There are physical features, characteristics, interests and habits that I have inherited from them both; some good, some not so good. As I get older I am understanding more about how my upbringing and parentage has shaped, and continues to shape, who I am.

But this blog really isn’t about my blood Mum and Dad. As I get older, I also understand more about what it means to be a daughter of my Heavenly Father. On my better days I hope there are obvious shared characteristics. Some days I suspect that it’s more a case of squinting, viewing me from the side and then you might just concede that I have similar eyebrows.

This blog is an invite for you to join me, or at least observe my meanderings, as I journey through life with faith. There may be u-turns, dead ends, unexpected vistas and scenic detours along the way, but the quickest route is rarely the most interesting, is it?


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